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It's almost time for the 10th annual Santa Lamm shopping spree and we need your help.

Last year The David Lamm Foundation was able to take 310 kids shopping thanks to your donations. Without your help, these unfortunate children would not experience the fun, joy and excitement of the Santa experience.

The children, ages 3-13, come from agencies that do background checks to make certain we are helping children who are truly needy. Some of the agencies are Daniel Home, Arlington Community Services, Hubbard House, Pedscare (Hospice for Children), Children's Medical Services, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Fund, Angelwood Inc., Family Promise, UF CARES and various churches. We also consider children made by individual requests.

Please know that 99 cents out of every dollar donated to The David Lamm Foundation goes directly to the children, each of whom is given a $75 gift card and allowed to shop for themselves. The children pay zero sales tax. The David Lamm Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. All donations are tax deductible. The Foundation status classification is 501 (c) (3).

This year's shopping spree will be Dec. 21 at the Regency Target Store starting at 8 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy the wonderful Christmas experience of watching these children.

More than 2,700 children have been helped during our first nine years. We hope to make this year the biggest and best yet. Donations should be made out to The David Lamm Foundation and mailed to 5430 Whitney St., Jacksonville, FL 32277.

- David Lamm


David Lamm's daily "rants" can be heard on 1010XL/92.5 FM sports radio and, of course, his columns can be read on 1010XL.com. Lamm has been a sports writer/sportscaster in Jacksonville since 1977.