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Shad Khan at it Again

Sep 02, 2015 -- 7:25am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

It looks like Shad Khan is up to his old bag of tricks, trying to improve the Jaguars from both a roster standpoint and a facilities standpoint. Tuesday, the owner of the team mapped out a plan to build an indoor practice facility on the south end of EverBank Field that would state of the art in its design and serve as another destination for fans who live in the city and those who come to town for away games.
This is just another reason why talk about the Jaguars moving anywhere – whether it be to Los Angeles or San Diego or to London – is just as crazy as it sounds.
I thought the team had gotten to the point that it was no longer the subject of rumors formulated in NFL circles when it comes to expansion or movement amongst the 32 current franchise in the small fraternity. But recent stories written in London (which were unsubstantiated) about the team moving across the pond because a new stadium deal with Tottenham was reached with the NFL put the emphasis on this franchise moving due to its small market and its inability to win football games.
Again, nothing is happening and the team is staying put. Khan continues to funnel money into this city, creating more excitement about facilities, the Shipyards and other potential money-making ventures. Now that there is the belief the team will score more points, win more football games and become relevant in 2015, we should again be able to put the idiocy to bed.
Khan talked about his plan at the Back to Football Luncheon Tuesday, which calls for a facility to be built by the start of the 2016 training camp. In other words, it’s right around the corner.
I applaud Khan’s drive and initiative and his belief in this city and commitment to winning football games. There is no better way to shut non-believers up than to win more than you lose in a football season. This is not a team that is there – yet – but is coming around. As many have said in the past few weeks that day is coming soon.
Khan’s continued ability to calm the community and get them excited about what the franchise is embarking on gives the city hope, and a feel that eventually everything will come full circle and Jacksonville will again become a sports destination.
As John Oehser of Jaguars.com explained, the Jaguars’ original practice fields were outside the stadium beyond the South end zone. That area is now a fan entertainment pavilion, with the team’s three outdoor practice fields now located outside the Northwest corner of the stadium. The team never has had an indoor facility.
It’s just another idea in the blueprint the owner of the team has. Khan in three years as Jaguars owner has helped fund not only a state-of-the-art locker room facility at EverBank Field and state-of-the-art training and workout facilities, he also along with the city funded the state-of-the-art video boards at both ends of EverBank. The video boards, the largest of their kind in the world, were installed in 2014.
You can expect more aesthetics to become part of the future of this franchise.
As long as Khan continues to dazzle us with plans to improve this team and city, the talk about relocation becomes more off the wall. Hopefully, that talk will quell again. If the improvement on the playing field can match the improvements Khan has for the business side of this franchise there is no reason to believe everyone can win, especially in 2016.

Can Jason Myers Live Up to Expectations?

Sep 01, 2015 -- 12:08pm

By: Amanda Borges (@Amanda1010XL)

The theme of today’s practice was a walk-through as the Jaguars prepare for their final preseason game. But, the focus was on one player specifically.

Since kicker Josh Scobee is officially a Pittsburgh Steeler, rookie kicker Jason Myers is the team’s go-to guy. He spoke to the media following practice and although he kept his answers short and sweet, it was easy to see his confidence. Myers was asked about the expectation of him succeeding, especially since he’s replacing the longest-tenured player on the team. Myers sort of shrugged it off saying that he doesn’t think about it that way. He did say that Scobee was really helpful while he was here and that was a little surprising to him.

Myers, of course, fielded a lot of phone calls from friends and family members last night. I mean, come on. How often does a kicker from small college play in the AFL and then make it to the NFL? Not many. Myers knows that. So does Dave Caldwell, for that matter.

Caldwell knows this move is a bit of a risk but he says he’s confident in what Myers can do. He knows Myers won’t make 100% of the kicks he makes, but hey, how many kickers are perfect?

Caldwell said trading with the Steelers for Josh Scobee was the hardest decision he’s had to make while working with the Jaguars.

Let’s see if it pays off.

Trading Scobee a Business Decision

Sep 01, 2015 -- 9:28am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

Now that the initial shock of the news that Josh Scobee has been traded from the Jaguars to the Pittsburgh Steelers, can we all take a moment and breathe? The news of the trade, which meant the team’s longest tenured player on the current roster was trading teal and black for black and gold came in as a whirlwind on Monday morning and created quite a buzz amongst fans – some who initially thought the world had come to an end.

I am one of the biggest Scobee fans there is and appreciate his service to our team and what he and his family have meant to this community. But if you step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture, this is a move in theory that shows exactly where the Jaguars have been the last few seasons. No player has been more important to the team in terms of scoring, which speaks volumes as to how poor the Jacksonville offense has been. And news of a kicker being traded is not usually a topic of heated debate on the airwaves or in the local media, but because fans have come to know No. 10 to come out and bail out a stagnant and ineffective offense time after time, the news of his leaving the team is magnified tenfold.

Football is a business first. Players who spend their entire careers with one team are a rarity. It would have been nice for Scobee to remain in Jacksonville, win a few more ballgames for the franchise, sign another contract after this coming season, and retire here as a member of the franchise and possibly replace Brad Meester for the longest tenure in team history.

Reality dictates that this team needs to move forward. Scobee’s trade, which opens the door for Jason Myers to show everyone that a kicker from Marist can be just as effective, if not more so in the years to come. Wouldn’t it be something if the team had two kickers with more than 10 years of service in this franchise’s history? We aren’t sure if that might happen, but for the moment the Jason Myers era has begun in our sports city.

Yes, the times continue to change in Jacksonville.

Scobee had been in Jacksonville his entire career, dating back to 2004. Entering his 12th NFL season, the 33-year-old has converted 235 of 291 field goals (80.8 percent). For his career Scobee has converted 26 of 42 from 50-plus yards (61.9 percent), but went just 3 of 6 in 2014 from that distance. Let’s not forget last season is one where Scobee was ineffective at times, sometimes just plain erratic. It’s hard to say if that was a sign of things to come. Kickers, like every other player, break down at some point. Youth had to be served for the Jaguars, and the last year of Scobee’s contract means the Jaguars will get a return on their investment, not just allowing him to become a free agent.

I know it’s hard seeing our favorites in other uniforms. Mark Brunell in a Redskins jersey. Tony Boselli sent to Houston. Fred Taylor playing alongside Tom Brady. This is another one of those stand still moments. Scobee meant a great many things to this franchise and community and we all wish him well. But this is football and if this team is going to win in the future, it has to prepare for that to happen – at every position on the roster.

Yes, even with the kicker.

Jaguars Trade Kicker Josh Scobee to Pittsburgh Steelers

Aug 31, 2015 -- 4:29pm

The Jacksonville Jaguars today announced they have traded 12th-year kicker Josh Scobee to the Steelers for Pittsburgh’s 2016 sixth-round draft pick.

Scobee, the club’s all-time leading scorer with 1,022 career points, appeared in 168 regular season games after being drafted by Jacksonville in the fifth-round (137th overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft.

Scobee has an 80.8 career field goal percentage (235 for 291), including 26 made field goals from 50-plus yards (26 for 42, 61.9 pct.). Entering the 2015 regular season, Scobee has appeared in 119 consecutive games dating back to 2007.

Scobee’s 59-yard field goal against Indianapolis on October 3, 2010, is the longest field goal in Jaguars history and the third-longest game-winning field goal in NFL History. His 43-yard field goal against the Giants on November 30,2014, was the eighth game-winning field goal of his career.

Practice Report: Scobee's Out, Bortles is Covered

Aug 31, 2015 -- 3:06pm

By: Amanda Borges (@Amanda1010XL)

The big news coming out of Jaguars headquarters today has taken Jags fans a little off guard. The kicker they have known and loved for 11 years, Josh Scobee, has been traded to the Steelers. So, now what? Well, kicker Jason Myers will be the new go-to guy, whether fans like it or not. This was Scobee’s last year of his contract so the trade doesn’t come at a huge surprise.

It’s the last and final week of the preseason and this week is an interesting one for the team. They had practice today, they’ll have another practice tomorrow and then Wednesday they travel to Washington D.C. to play the Redskins. After that, it’s time to prepare for the regular season.

It’s crazy to think that the regular season is almost here. I remember when OTAs started and players were still getting used to a new offensive coordinator and rookies were adjusting to NFL life.

That’s not the case anymore.

Today, Bortles took some time to really compliment his offensive line, naming each of them and calling them intelligent players. This is obvious but it’s so true—a quarterback’s success relies heavily upon the strength of his offensive line.

Luckily for Bortles, he’s covered.

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