Full Seven Round Mock Draft

Jan 28, 2013 -- 12:17pm


By: James Johnson (@J_1010xl)


Round 1 (Pick #2) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Star Lotulelei, DT Utah State - In my last mock I had Jarvis Jones. That was before I knew who our general manager, head coach and coordinators would be. Now the picture is a little bit clearer. Jones simply doesn't fit what the Jags will employ here. So, I went with Lotulelei, a pick that makes a lot of sense. For one, if you take a look at the scheme Gus Bradley used in Seattle, Lotulelei would be the perfect centerpiece to build around. Defensive coordinator Bob Babich revealed at the Senior Bowl that the Jags will be using a base 4-3 which Lotulelei is versatile enough to fit in. He can also fit in a 3-4 (not that it matters for the Jags, but my point is he's versatile). However, Bradley made it known in his introductory presser he'd also use “3-4 principles” with his base 4-3 scheme. To sum this all up, the bottom line is that the Jaguars scheme won't be a “3-4”, but a very unique and unorthodox 4-3. I could go into details and explain this to you all but it would take forever, so here's a link posted by Eric Stoner onBigcacountry.com.

Anyhow, as I was saying, Lotulelei's versatility will benefit the team. David Caldwell also revealed the team will be taking a different approach in it's draft strategy as the team will draft for needs. Previously, under Gene Smith, the team drafted by employing the best available player theory (which, in all honesty, wasn't a true BAP theory). Just by looking at the roster, the team's most pressing needs are at DE, and QB. However, if Geno Smith is taken by the Chiefs with the first, I doubt the team would reach and take Tyler Wilson with the second overall pick (maybe they would in a trade down and take him). They could take a DE here as there will be great options to choose from. I would be perfectly fine with taking Bjorn Werner, or Damontre Moore, however, when I look at the value of taking who most consider the best player in the whole draft, Lotulelei, it's an offer to hard to pass on. I don't know if he'll be the next Haloti Ngata as some tend to think, but if he is, I don't want to be the team kicking myself in the rear for passing on him. Plus, since Terrace Knighton will likely sign elsewhere in free agency, DT will certainly fit the mold of a “pressing need”. Lastly, if you're David Caldwell, you simply can't go wrong here: for one you're getting the best player in the draft and filling a pressing need, plus acquiring the safest pick in the draft. Sounds like a win-win.

Round 2(Pick #1) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Ryan Nassib, QB Syracuse - First, I want to say that this QB's class doesn't have the firepower of last year's class. I don't see the next Andrew Luck or RG3 in this class. Not to mention Tannehill showed some promise, too. However, I don't see why a team couldn't find the next Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton, or Kaepernick (in terms of a passers, not as scramblers) later in the draft. With that established, I'm going to warn you all, I believe it will be a frenzy of teams trying to jump from the early part of the second round to the late first round. Why? Well, simply put, if you look at the teams picking from#10 in the first round all the way to the #32 pick (the last pick in round one), they all either have franchise QB's or just recently drafted a QB that they are willing to go on with for the time being. It's some of the teams that are early in the draft order that need QB's (excluding Detroit and Cleveland who just took Weeden last year). The teams in the top 9 without franchise QB's who don't take one in the first round will be jockeying to trade up late in the first for the top QB's available. Based off what I've read and heard from those at the Senior Bowl, the rankings of the 2013 QB's class will look something close to this.

1.                  Geno Smith

2.                  Tyler Wilson

3.                  Mike Glennon

4.                  Matt Barkley

5.                  Ryan Nassib

6.                  Zac Dysert

7.                  E.J. Manuel

Mike Mayock of NFL Network seems to think three to four QB's will be taken in round one. I agree with him. My gut tells me it will be three, though I could be wrong. If three are taken, depending on who, the Jags will be on the clock with whoever is available between Glennon, Barkley, Nassib, and Dysert. I like Dysert, but as a third rounder, I wasn't too high on Manuel. I'll give him props, though, because he showed progress throughout his week in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, according to what I read. In time he could be a starter in the NFL and he swayed me with his work ethic, but I believe the second round is too high for him. Barkley is simply overrated in my opinion, so I'd pass on him. That leaves Glennon and Nassib. I think some team will trade up and take Glennon late in the first due to his size over Nassib, possibly leaving him for us in the second. I've heard comparisons of him to Dalton and Matt Ryan--though I'm not saying he will be either of those two--but I see a ton of potential in him. He's made some WTH throws from the film I seen on him, but he's made some good ones, too. This could be a perfect fit being that Nassib is viewed as a West Coast Offense QB, which, as we know, is in our new offensive coordinator Jedd Ficsh's background.
Round 3(Pick #2) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Mike Gillislee, RB Florida - I thought about putting Cornelius Carradine here, but despite his ACL injury, I think some team will gamble on him in the second round. And, yes, I understand this might actually be a little too high for Gillislee, but his stock is on the rise. The things I've heard about him at the Senior Bowl already confirm what I've seen before from Gillislee, and that's that he's talented. It was reported that Jones-Drew had surgery late in December on his foot. I'm all for keeping him seeing as the team is talent deprived, however there've been whispers of the team trading him. Even if they don't, MJD will reportedly need until May to recover. If the plan is to keep Jones-Drew, he and Gillislee would make a nice 1-2 punch. Gus Bradley revealed in his first press conference that on the offensive side, he wants to put a strain on the opponent's defense by establishing the run to then set up the passing game. With that taken into account, this move makes a ton of sense. This class is very deep at the top for this position. If they pass on Gillislee, there certainly will be plenty of other options for RB.
Round 4 (Pick #1)The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Quanterus Smith, DE Western Kentucky - Smith is a little bit of a risk since he tore his ACL in the middle of November. However, to me it's a risk worth taking. With the way players are coming back from ACL injuries, I'd take a crack at Smith. As I've said, the Jags need a pass rusher desperately and should take a swing at Cliff Avril in free agency along with a right tackle. As for Smith, if he makes a full recovery,he'd be perfect for the Leo role in Bradley's defense.
Round 5 (Pick #2) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Marquise Goodwin, WR/KR Texas - The Jaguars don't have much on their current roster but they do have a young ascending WR duo in Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon. The both of them can pretty much be penciled in as the starters next year. However, they could use some depth behind them. Jordan Shipley showed flashes as the season ended, but I don't know if he's the answer as the teams third/slot receiver. So the Jags could bring in some speed here in Goodwin. Goodwin showed blazing speed at the Senior Bowl practices as he constantly beat DB's deep. He would give Jedd Fisch some speed from the slot, which is very valuable in the West Coast Offense. It comes as no surprise that he has a track background and he competed for the Olympics as a long jumper. He would provide depth, as he and Shipley could make the team, and possibly become the team's primary kick returner seeing as the Jags need one.
Round 5 (From the Mike Thomas trade with the Lions)The Jacksonville Jaguars select: B.W. Webb, CB William & Mary - Not exactly the 6'2, 200 pound CB Gus Bradley is used to having on his team, but a solid corner nonetheless. B.W. is a corner that didn't look out of place at the Senior Bowl despite playing with lesser competition. He could come in right away and battle for a spot on the team and--heck who knows--maybe even become a starter down the road.
Round 6 (Pick #2) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Cooper Taylor, SS Richmond - The team goes with a defensive back for the second pick straight. Taylor was a former transfer from Georgia Tech and was probably Richmond's most noticeable player. I caught a few of their games on TV and noticed that he was in on a lot of plays and always around the ball. It came as no surprise that he was one of the best players in this year's East-West Shrine Game. Dawan Landry is a good safety, but his contract is one of the highest paying contracts on the team. That's crazy considering he's the team's SS. The Jags could get a guy in Taylor who could maybe challenge and take Landry's spot later down the road. By doing so, he'd give the team a cheaper option at SS too.
Round 7 (Pick #1) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Blaize Foltz, OG TCU - The Jags add some much needed depth with Foltz here, who is sound in pass and run blocking this year at TCU. Maybe they'll strike gold here and in time Foltz could become a starter. He certainly has the talent to.

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