Analyzing The Jaguars Worst Loss, Tebow And Fashion

Dec 04, 2012 -- 3:04pm


By: Rob Johnson @RJ1452

A cold and rainy day in Buffalo turned out to be the perfect setting for the Jaguars.  A team that was trending up (relatively speaking) should have rolled into Mike Mularkey's former home stadium and won their third game of the year.  Instead, the only thing more dreary than the weather was the Jags, as they suffered their worst loss of the season.

I wrote last week that the Bills had offensive fire power that could be dangerous.  Nevertheless, I expected the new and improved Jaguars to play a solid game and unleash Cecil Shorts, Mercedes Lewis and Justin Blackmon on the weak Bills defense.  Unfortunately, the 34-18 final score seemed like 68-9, as the Jags were never in the game after halftime.

I felt good about the Jaguars, despite the lethargic start, after they took a 10-7 lead.  Then, the Bills returned the kickoff 55 yards with a 15 yard penalty on top of that and never looked back.  Even with the Jags trailing 17-10 at the half, I thought they still had a chance to win the game.  Looking back, I suppose I was blinded by the rain.

The second quarter series for the Jaguars following the Posluszny interception was a microcosm of the season and should have been the only sign I needed to realize that the Jags wouldn't win.  Rashad Jennings ran for a big gain but was injured on the play.  The next two plays saw Montell Owens, Jennings' replacement, run for 5 and 9 yards.  However, both gains were negated by a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty on Cameron Bradfield.

The season synopsis continued on the next three plays.  Either a quarterback - wide receiver miscommunication led to an incomplete pass or Henne really missed on the throw.  Without watching the coaches film yet, I'm leaning toward the latter.  Then, the next pass was batted down at the line of scrimmage.  Finally, Justin Blackmon dropped the ball on the next play which led to Josh Scobee kicking a 36 yard field goal.

That series was combined with too many bad throws by Henne along with his inexcusable fumble, two more Blackmon drops and a fumble that was negated by a Bills penalty as well as Jordan Shipley letting two passes slip through his hands.  In addition, the defense allowed 186 yards rushing from the Bills two running backs, didn't record one sack and appeared impaired by the rain like me.

All of the good that we saw during the last three weeks from the Jags was eclipsed by their bad play in Buffalo.  I'm not sure what the thought process was at the 7:00 mark of the fourth quarter.  It was terrible seeing Shorts headed to the locker room, but the on-field activity was even worse.  The Jaguars were in no hurry on offense with a 24 point deficit staring at them from the scoreboard.  It was as if they had already conceded.

Now, the 2-10 Jags usher in the week many have been waiting for.  Tim Tebow returns to Jacksonville.  As of the writing of this blog, Jets head coach Rex Ryan has yet to name his starting quarterback.  Odds are that Tebow isn't getting the nod.

While that may be bad for many of his fans, it's good for the Jaguars.  Tebow starting on Sunday would turn the home crowd against their own team.  That would be incredibly embarrassing, even more embarrassing than the play we have seen from the Jags this season.  Then again, the Jags have played better on the road than at home, so perhaps, the feel of an away game would help the team.

Claw Marks


  • While Henne's play was disappointing against the Bills, I was more shocked by Blackmon's return to his old ways.
  • It's been a while since I've provided a Bryan Anger Update.  Here is how the third round pick compares to Johnny Hekker, the un-drafted, free         agent rookie of the St. Louis Rams:  Anger is averaging 47.77 yards per punt with a net yardage of 43.79.  Hekker's average punt is 46.76 with a net yardage average of 41.35.
  • Once again, Mularkey was wearing one of his plaid shirts during Monday's press conference.  He reminds me of both my dad and grandpa, when he sports that look.  At a minimum, Mularkey needs to wear the shirt un-tucked.

Yes, I provide fashion advice.  This is another example that you can get everything you need from 1010XL.

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